‘Sun Sentinels’ Aims to Shake up the Tower Defense Genre with a Never Before Seen Twist


While Tower Defense games have admittedly become a dime-a-dozen genre quite some time ago, Sun Sentinels — by Wireframe on Shaded Games — aims to majorly shake up the genre with a never before seen twist. Apep’s minions are swarming through the portal in an attempt to wipe out Ra’s sacred scarabs, meaning it’s your job — as the last Sun Sentinel — to stop this invasion before the world is plunged into a very literal darkness. Your advantage is that the entire temple floor is your playground, and — amongst the standard traps and attack spells that most other Tower Defense games feature — you additionally control the path that Apep’s minions must take towards the sacred scarab.

However, there’s far more to winning at Sun Sentinels that merely forcing your opponents through the longest — and most convolutedly twisting — path ever past your numerous traps. Apep’s appearance has distorted the very fabric of reality itself, and you are able to capitalize on this fact to confuse and confound the giant serpent’s minions into utter obsolescence. While the path you draw must be a valid walkway, providing passage to the sacred scarab, this pathway — in an Escher esque twist — only needs be validly connecting from at least one camera angle (and rotating the camera changes everything).


Whether you blast your foes, in the process earning favor from Ra, or cunningly trap them on a path segment that is no longer connected to the sacred scarab — which earns you favor with Ptah — how you aim to succeed against Apep’s forces is entirely up to you. Furthermore, additional abilities — relevant to the strategy you’re aiming to use — will become available to your lone Sun Sentinel as your earn an ever increasing supply of either Ra or Ptah’s divine favor. It is for these reasons that — although the Tower Defense genre has grown horribly stagnant as of late — Sun Sentinels aims to be a cut above everything else available on iOS, or at least it will if the game’s Kickstarter goes well.

Wireframe on Shaded Games recently approached Kickstarter with a request for $5,000 in development funds to aid with Sun Sentinels production, of which nearly $5,470 has so far been secured. With the game’s future seemingly already in the bag, you are probably wondering why I previously declared that: “Sun Sentinels aims to be a cut above everything else available on iOS, or at least it will if the game’s Kickstarter goes well.” That’s because — as things stand so far — Sun Sentinels is currently en route exclusively to the Android platform, and won’t be gracing iOS devices — or even a single PC — at all unless Wireframe on Shaded Game’s $7,000 stretch goal is first conquered.

Currently, should you now find yourself intrigued, a pledge of just $3 is all that’s needed to ensure that you can experience Sun Sentinels — 100% free of ads — when the game finally launches, which is presently expected to be arrive sometime later this year. Meanwhile — for those further dedicated to staving off Apep’s minions — additional rewards include: digital soundtrack downloads, the official backer t-shirt, being listed within the game’s credits, a 3D printed figure of an in-game enemy, and so much more. Finally — should you happen to have an entire $750 on hand — you can not only appear in-game as a full-sized Pharaoh statue, signifying you as a mighty Egyptian ruler, but you’ll additionally receive your very own 3D printed replica of your in-game representation!

Those now seeking to experience Sun Sentinels — at least on platforms other than Android — need to chip in their donations before August 2nd arrives, after which Apep’s minions just might eternally cut off all hope of this amazing game ever showing up anywhere else.