Super Bunnies Show Review

We’re used to seeing magicians pull rabbits out of hats. But what happens when the rabbits rebel? In Super Bunnies Show (out now, $0.99) by Immanitas Entertainment, the evil magician wants to catch all the rebellious bunnies. As they rain from the sky, it’s your job to save them from the magician’s hat by drawing lines of knotted cloth to help the bunnies slide and bounce to safety.

mzl.kvwnpoqo.320x480-75The gameplay sounds straightforward, and it is, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, the magician can walk and chase down the falling bunnies. The bunnies don’t always slide or bounce off your drawn rope as fast as you’d hope, and sometimes, by the time the bunny descends, the magician has shifted his hat to catch it! Add to this the bouncy springs on both walls, and the bunny can end up landing in a different spot from where you envisioned. And bouncy wall springs are nothing. Wait till the magician electrifies the springs … If you’re not careful, you’ll end up electrocuting the poor bunnies. Luckily, you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve too, in the form of magic cards.

In the card store, you can equip yourself with up to three decks of cards. However, you’ll first have to purchase cards using carrots you’ve earned from saving bunnies. The game offers six kinds of cards, each of which may cost anywhere between one and ten carrots. You could choose Sweet Revenge to stun the magician for awhile or Mass Breakout to make his hat do a disappearing trick. And if you’ve got lots of carrots to spare, you could pay for Doctor Bunny to recover 20 bunny lives.

Though Super Bunnies Show lets you adjust your difficulty level by means of a slider on the main screen, the game lets you get away with mistakes too easily. Unlike some games that give you three lives, Super Bunnies Show is way too generous. As long as you save more bunnies than you lose, you’re safe. It’s also a pity the game doesn’t make full use of the rat decoys. Whether or not a rat lands on the ground or in the magician’s hat doesn’t appear to make a difference to your score. I’d much prefer it if directing a rat to the magician’s hat would stun him or have some other nasty effect.

iFanzine Verdict: Super Bunnies Show may appeal to kids with its simple game mechanics and cute graphics. The lenient gameplay makes it especially suitable for young kids. As a bonus, you can choose from three in-game music pieces or randomize them. However, while saving the bunnies is intrinsically challenging, the overall gameplay may not offer enough to keep avid gamers hooked.