Super Fly Review

Pretty Fly For a Green Guy

In Beserker Games’ latest, chowing down on three turds in a row transforms your protagonist into an indestructible, muscle-bound killing machine. If that sounds like the best thing ever, you might as well stop reading now, because your new favorite game has just landed in the App Store.

It goes by the name Super Fly, and while it’s neither big nor clever, it does possess an irresistible energy and whacked-out sense of humor that coupled with some seriously slick action helps make this title one of the most deliciously moreish survival shooters/brawlers ever to grace the iPhone.

The aim of the game is simple: playing as the titular Super Fly you zap around a tropical jungle twatting enemies with an array of comedy weapons, chucking bombs, collecting golden coins and power-ups, and avoiding getting squished. For as long as you can.

Super Fly looks fantastic, it’s colorful and cartoony, and Beserker manage to squeeze an impressive number of crudely doodled characters onscreen at any given time, meaning things get quite crowded and the side-scrolling action has a wonderfully hyperactive feel to it.

With so much going on and given the frantic pace, it’s a good job Super Fly’s controls are designed for pick-up-and-play usability, and a combination of a satisfyingly chunky virtual joy-stick and action buttons works flawlessly.

While the fast and fluid gameplay is an utter blast, it’s the constant barrage of visual gags that elevates Super Fly well above the competition – honestly, words can’t describe the sheer, side-splitting ecstasy of witnessing a fly dressed in a sombrero and shades slicing and dicing swarms of mosquitoes with a lightsaber, or hulking out after a poo binge and unleashing a devastating flurry of punches on his enemies. Priceless.

An upgrade store packed to the rafters with outlandish weaponry and the latest must-have accessories/power-ups for you to splash your virtual cash on provides a brilliant incentive to keep playing, as you will want to experiment with different guns, swords, super-powers, and, er, snazzy new headgear.

As brilliant as this version is, Super Fly also has great scope for expansion come update time – more weapons and power-ups are more or less a given in future iterations, but I would like to see some even grosser special abilities (how’s about a barf attack?) and new environments (an indoors level might work) thrown into the madcap mix as well.

iFanzine Verdict: Super Fly more than lives up to the title. With its simple, pick-up-and-play concept, intense and addictive gameplay, inspired use of gross out comedy, and surprisingly deep upgrade system, this game really does have something for all the family. A must have!

[xrr rating=4/5]

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