Super Juicy Review & Giveaway!

This game had me at hello. Well not quite, but a particularly juicy (ahem) quote on iTunes did grab my attention: “Like Tetris and Bubble Wrap got married and had a baby and called it Super Juicy!” Summing up the title’s modus operandi and appeal in one fell swoop, that’s one pearl of wisdom you don’t want to ignore…

Despite allegedly being the illegitimate lovechild of two video-gaming household names, seconds in, and it becomes clear a lot of love and attention detail has been lavished on Super Juicy. If you hadn’t already guessed as much, the game is a match-3 puzzler. And a damn fine one at that.

Slick, pick-up and play gameplay is the order of the day, and the fast-paced bubble bursting action is easily grasped and soon gets super-addictive. Objectives and controls are kept simple: tapping the screen splatters chains of same coloured bubbles, while the ones that contain pieces of fruit are worth extra points. If the screen fills up, it’s game over.

The first few levels act as a tutorial, familarizing the player with the basics, but Super Juicy quickly becomes more challenging as bombs, black-holes, mines, and more are introduced to the already heady mix, most of which trigger impressive, eye-popping visual effects. This variance between levels helps the title to feel fresh and remain compelling over its 36+ stages.

Graphics are gorgeous, while the game notably also boasts convincingly true-to-life physics: with bubbles behaving as you’d expect, falling, bouncing, expanding, and bursting in a near photo-realistic manner.

In addition to the engrossing main event, Super Juicy is also chock-a-block with extras, such as Action (time-attack) and Chaos (pro) modes, each perfectly suited to playing in short bursts, and adding longevity to an already feature packed and sizable title. While online score-boards, awards, and Facebook and Twitter integration are the cherry on top this polished puzzler.

iFanzine Verdict: Super fun, super slick, and super addictive… you’ll want to squeeze every last drop of gaming goodness out of this amazing puzzler

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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