‘Super Looper – Puzzle Game’ Review: Totally Loopy

Chickenfeet Studios’ Super Looper – Puzzle Game (out now, free) turns the old block-sliding puzzler into something fresh. The pleasant graphics and bird theme also makes this a charming game that should please both kids and adults.

The game starts off easy at first, but quickly ramps up into a challenging experience. You are given 25 tiles, each of which shows part of a Celtic knot, consisting of various loops. Your objective is to shift pieces about to form a knot that matches the picture shown to you at the beginning of the game. Pieces can be slid left, right, up, or down, and also rotated in any direction by twisting them with two fingers.

screen480x480Shifting or rotating pieces takes energy. For each level you’re given a certain number of moves, and if you exceed this, you’ll have to start the level all over again. Some tiles are powered and grant you free moves. The difficulty in Super Looper is thus about achieving your goal in as few moves as possible. Sometimes, you’ll be given time limits.

Happily, Super Looper tosses in other game modes that keep you from getting sick of seeing the same thing over and over again. In one of these, you’re asked to collect stars by forming as many knots as you can using starred tiles. In another, your challenge is to make a loop out of as many pieces as you can (with a specified minimum number of pieces). Later on, birds will start attacking your tiles!

Be warned that if you fail a level, you’ll lose a life. You are given a maximum of four lives, and it takes time to recharge lost lives.

The first 30 levels are free, while the remaining 70 can only be unlocked via IAP, which fortunately is very reasonably priced at only $0.99.


Super Looper is an incredibly well-balanced puzzler that should be easy enough for kids to pick up, yet challenging for adults too.