‘Super Mario Run’ Updated With New Easy Mode

Good news for anyone who’s been struggling with Super Mario Run (our review)! Nintendo has just updated the game to include a new “Easy Mode,” which does away with timers and offers unlimited bubbles, allowing players to explore levels at a more relaxed pace. The update also tweaks the game’s “Toad Rally” mode, reducing the number of toads you lose after failing at a race.

If you ask me, Super Mario Run wasn’t an overly difficult game to begin with by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess these changes will make it even more accessible for younger, less experienced players.

In other Super Mario Run related news, it’s been revealed that the game’s free demo version has been downloaded more than 78 million times worldwide, with roughly 5 percent of players opting to pay to unlock the full experience, resulting in revenue of ¥6 billion (around $53 million) for Nintendo. Now, that probably sounds like a sizeable chunk of change to you, but apparently it falls well short of some expert’s projections of what the game would earn in this time frame. Mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower, for example, pegged the figure at $71 million. While it’s hard to say whether or not Nintendo are happy with how Super Mario Run is performing sales wise so far, it’s worth noting that the company is going with a free-to-play model for their next iOS title, Fire Emblem Heroes.

Source: The Verge