‘Super Mario Run’ Updated With New Characters and More

After being an iOS exclusive for quite a few months now, Nintendo’s much ballyhooed mobile game debut, Super Mario Run (our review), has finally made the jump over to Android. Us iOS users are in no way being forgotten about though, as our version of the game also just received a version 2.0 update packed with new features.

The biggest thing the update adds is new playable characters in the shape of four different colored Yoshis (yellow, red, purple and blue). Using these Yoshis when playing Toad Rally Mode results in you earning more Toads of their color. Aside from that, other tweaks and additions include a new Easy Mode, an improved tutorial, reduced requirements for getting buildings from the shop, and more free content for people who haven’t yet stumped up the $9.99 unlock fee. All in all, a decent amount of new stuff.

I’ll be honest, though: I lost interest in Super Mario Run pretty quickly once the initial sheen wore off, and it’s been collecting digital dust on my iPhone ever since. (The poor inhabitants of my Mushroom Kingdom must feel so abandoned and alone.) That said, I’ll probably boot the game up again to give this new update a whirl. What about you guys? Are you still playing Super Mario Run regularly, or are you over it at this point? Sound off in the comments below.