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Super Snail Gear Tier List

They say slow and steady wins the race, right? Let’s put that to the test in this Super Snail Gear Tier List!

Unlock your snails true potential in the Snailverse! In this game, your snail is on a mission in journeying through the remains of a past civilisation. Collect items, weapons, and armour – which are all needed the face the Demon Gods at the end! Grabbing the right weapons an armour can be a tough choice, so this guide is here to help!

Are you ready to enter the Snailverse? If so, you can download the game from the App Store. Are tier lists your thing? We have a load of them for you to have a peep at, why not check out our Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List and our Wriothesley Tier List – Catalyst Weapons Ranked!

Super Snail Gear Tier List

If you’re new to tier lists, let me quickly explain. S tier is the very best, A tier is still really good, so is B tier! C tier is okay, and D tier is the lowest… so not the greatest. In tier lists, try and go for the ones ranked in S, A, and B tiers. Tier lists are just our recommendation though, so if you disagree that’s okay! Feel free to let us know your opinion. Now that’s out of the way, lets rank!

S Tier: Golden Dragzul Fang, Big Bounce, Paralysis Ring, Norris Chucks, Poseidon’s Trident, Traveler Outfit, Fortress, Old Man Wand.

A Tier: Power Spinach, Claw of Destruction, Super Warrior, District 9, Million Volts, Hydra’s Gloves, Dracula Cape, Cretaceous Weapon.

B Tier: Empress’ slippers, Soul Walking, Know-it-all Device, Centaur Armor, Azazel’s Wand, Mark 4, Lotus Platform XII, Empress Gloves, Excalibur EX, Gilded Belt, Ancestral Legacy, Antimatter shield.

C Tier: True Sakabato, Virtual Vision, The Great Entertainer, Antimatter Armor, Ogma’s Cloak, Grandpire’s Robe, Michael’s Earrings, Eye of Akamoddo Amulet, Caesar’s Crown, Dark Strength, Selene Amulet, Septreasure Peacock Quill.

D Tier: Nothing here!


We monitor our tier lists regularly, so make sure you check back here every so often in case we update our lists and add more content!