Super Western Stealth Game El Hijo On Sale on the App Store

For the first time since it was released back in January, western sneak-’em-up El Hijo is on sale on the App Store. And we reckon it’s well worth you forking over less cash than usual to pick it up if you haven’t already given it a try.

The game sees you playing as a six year old boy who’s separated from his mother and deposited in a monastery. It’s up to you to get out and work your way back home, using stealth and trickery to get past guards, cowboys and more.

It’s a smart game and it’s got a heart-warming story to boot. Plus there’s no violence here – you’re playing as a small child, so you need to think differently, planning your routes and using the tools and toys you have to stay unseen.

Along the way you’re going to inspire other children to try and find their freedom. Which is always good. There’s deserts, frontier towns and plenty of other environments to find your way through, and you’re going to enjoy them all.

Normally El Hijo would set you back $9.99, which is a pretty fair price. But right now you can grab it for $6.99, which we think you’ll agree is a ridiculous price. If you’d like to give the game a go, you can click here to download El Hijo for that discounted price right this second.