Help Kickstart ‘Superhero Academy’, an App That Lets Kids Create Their Own Superhero Films


Andrew Larimer — of Fat Happy Media — claims to have a new way to get children everywhere, as well as those just young at heart, to become far more active and creative via the power of iPads! His plan is to create Superhero Academy, a never-before-seen idea that is a novel combination of video-editing software and choose-your-own adventure style sensibilities. When players start out they’ll be asked to first choose what kind of superhero they want to be (Magic, Science, or Nature), and then they’ll run through a choose your own adventure story wherein other plot factors will be decided.

As players play through their choose-your-own adventure they’ll be asked to act out — in costume — scenes from the story they’ve been running through, which will have special effects added in post production. Once the entire story has been completed these various videos will be edited together — complete with voice over — into a single trailer for a superhero film starring your child, or just perhaps some adults that really like dressing up. Andrew Larimer’s goal here is to not just get the children to be active as they act out scenes from their story, but to also — as they play through multiple times — begin thinking about how they can creatively make their trailers look more interesting with each attempt.

SuperheroAcademy2Already the team at Fat Happy Media have been surprised by what kids shown their current test build have come up with after numerous repeated play throughs of Superhero Academy. Inspired by the idea that they’re definitely on the right track, they’ve recently approached Kickstarter with a request for $7,000 to continue development on their highly unique augmented reality concept. With $2,400 secured so far — and twenty five days still remaining — things are currently looking quite up for Andrew and his associates, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for people to begin resting when there’s still much work left.

Therefore — should you now be intrigued — a pledge of just $10 is all that’s needed to secure your very own launch day copy of Superhero Academy, as well as a customized happy-birthday message from the creators to your favorite crime fighter (child) of choice. Meanwhile — for those extra dedicated to stopping evil aliens, robots, and goblins — additional rewards include: an older age targeted expansion pack, supplies for throwing a superhero themed party, having the creators read you a comic on Skype, and much more! However, the grand prize — available at the considerably low price tag of just $300 — includes the chance for you to send your child to a 12-hour film making workshop (spread out across two days) with the staff at Fat Happy Media over in New Orleans.

Those now interested — however — must be sure to chip in their heroic support before April First rolls around, or else Andrew Larimer’s plans will be laid asunder when the evil Lord Unfunded arrives to blow everything up.