The Kickstarter for Augmented Reality Game ‘SuperTrip’ Is off to a Pretty Great Start


A great man once said that the journey is far more important than the destination, and the people over at 11:11 Studios have come to the conclusion that the biggest problem with coordinate finding GPS games is that they hyper focus on this destination. To that end they began working on an Augmented Reality driven game called SuperTrip, wherein players will see a limited-info GPS driven overlay displayed on top of their surroundings. Instead of giving people the precise coordinates of their destination, users are merely shown a marker pointing in the direction that they need to be travelling — how far away the target currently is — and also messages left by other players at specific locations.

ccb9fadf3fa12ba2bb45e1d339ec2a8a_largeCurrently planned are two separate game modes: Adventure Trip, wherein players work together to track down a fixed number of target locations; and Competitive Trip, wherein players race to see who can hit all of the secret locations first. Players are allowed to control how far away the targets can be — and also the number of locations used — before beginning a session of SuperTrip, thus ensuring that each game fits the allotted time. 11:11 Studios’ developers even have more gameplay modes — as well as additional points of interest — planned for future updates, of course all assuming that SuperTrip manages to first become a success.

The catch is — however — that while much work has already been performed on developing SuperTrip, 11:11 Studios has found themselves desperately in need of funding capital with which to take their vision the full nine yards. It is to this end that 11:11 Studios recently launched a Kickstarter seeking to secure $5,000 in funds, of which over $3,000 has already been raised within just the first eight days. Therefore — even though there’s still much work to be done — the odds of Super Trip managing to cross the finish line is definitely looking good, and it might even manage to smash some stretch goals too.

ee70f70627eb22cb62040150b37693e9_largeAnyways, those whom are seeking a whole new way to explore with their friends can secure their own launch day copy of SuperTrip — as well as their name listed in the backer credits — for a mere five dollars. Meanwhile, the extra adventuresome travelers out there can pledge even more to receive rewards such as: free copies of all future DLC expansions, Beta access, Super Trip swag, and even the chance to leave in-game graffiti. Furthermore, one of the most prestigious reward packages involves actually hooking up with the game’s developers and then — after first having a nice lunch — together going on a real-life testing session of SuperTrip!

Therefore — in conclusion — those interested in helping SuperTrip begin its journey should remember to cast their pledges before April 12th rolls around, after which this adventuresome Kickstarter will be forever departing from the station.