Surprise Attack Readying a Barrage of New Indie Games for Release in 2012

Surprise Attack, an up-and-coming Melbourne based consulting agency focused on providing marketing services to independent game developers, has today announced that they’re out of beta and expect to work on the launches of 20-25 new games for mobile and tablet platforms during 2012!

Surprise Attack is headed up by Chris Wright (former THQ senior marketing exec), who had this to say:

“One of our key learnings from the beta was that there is huge demand for the kind of services we offer. We spoke with around 50 developers during the beta period. A common trend was that they know they need help with marketing their games but a great many don’t want to sign up with a publisher – they want to build their studio brand and have more control over the marketing.

That’s where an agency such as Surprise Attack can really work for these teams – we provide scale, expertise and connections but the developer is always in control and always comes first.”

It would seem Surprise Attack’s offered services have struck a chord with indie devs and since the company’s inception last October they’ve already worked with the likes of Bane Games and Tome Studios and amassed an impressive stable of new talent, which includes a dozen development teams. Tin Man Games (GameBook Adventure series), The Voxel Agents (Train Conductor series), Kumobius (Bean’s Quest) PlaySide Studios and more are all currently signed up.

You can find out more about Surprise Attack’s plans for the year ahead over on their official blog.