Survival Horror Classic Alien: Isolation Out Now on the App Store

One of the best survival horror games of recent years is now available on the App Store. Alien: Isolation is a spectacular game of survival, sneaking and sudden Xenomorph attacks and you can grab it for your iPhone or iPad right now.

This mobile version of the game has been tweaked to make it playable on touchscreen, with a massively customizable UI that lets you position the controls where they’ll work best. You can play with a controller as well, or an iOS-compatible mouse and keyboard.

You don’t just get the base game, either. You’re getting all seven chunks of DLC that have launched for the game in its life-span as well. Which is pretty darn awesome. Here’s a trailer.

You’ll need a decent chunk of space to play the game – the dev recommends 22GB, but it should work with 11. You’ll need at least an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14.8 or later. You can check out the full specs on the game’s App Store page.

The game isn’t cheap – it’s $14.99, in fact – but you’re getting an amazing AAA experience in the palm of your hand, so that’s to be expected. Click here and you can grab Alien: Isolation from the App Store.