Alan Thomas Wants His 80’s Action-Film Riffing Game ‘Sweet Revenge’ to Be a Smash Hit


Mack Masher is one mean molar out for revenge, a bunch of candies killed his best friend — by beating him to death in the park with a baseball bat — and this ill-tempered tooth is none too pleased. He’s got the guns — he’s got the skills — and he’s got the rage to see him through his divine mission, and pretty soon candies everywhere are about to learn once and for all that they can’t handle the tooth! Thus goes the setup to Sweet Revenge, an action game where a gun-toting tooth repels down the sides of buildings and shoots every armed piece of terrorist-candy inside (until there’s finally no one left to ask questions).

Alan Thomas — whom has been working on his 80’s action-film inspired game for a while now — claims that Sweet Revenge is almost nearly done, and will probably be available to iOS devices everywhere sometime next month. So one might then be wondering why he’s recently started a Kickstarter for a game that is otherwise essentially finished, and the answer is actually simple enough: proper marketing. In a world where the iTunes Marketplace gets bombarded with a swath of Flappy Bird clones each and every month, it can actually be rather hard for someone’s iOS efforts to not go completely unnoticed.

It is for this reason that he recently launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking to secure $2,500 — of which $1,555 has so far been secured — all so that Mack Masher might receive the benefits of proper advertising, leading to more people joining him for Sweet Revenge. I’ll admit that the idea of paying for someone to advertise their game does seem a bit odd, but I’ll equally admit that I would furthermore love for more games like Sweet Revenge to succeed as well. In conclusion, you will — assuming you’re interested — need to be sure to send in your donations before December 19th rolls around, after which Mack Masher must depart on his divine candy-blasting mission no matter where the chips should fall.

Either way — whether an ad campaign transpires or not — we here at iFanzine plan to take an in-depth look at Alan Thomas’s Sweet Revenge when it finally releases, so as to discover if Mack Masher can make real on his enameled promises of gun-toting bliss.