Sword of Fargoal

Sword of Fargoal, the roguelike classic, is coming back to mobile

GameClub is a brand new developer that aims to bring classic mobile titles back from the dead. The latest is Sword of Fargoal, a popular roguelike that launched during the early days of the App Store.

In fact, its history goes much deeper than that. It launched in 1982 on the Commodore 64 first, then Madgarden revived it on mobile way back in 2009.

Sword of Fargoal is a classic roguelike coming back on iOS next week

It received loads of new content at launch though, including brand new visuals, gameplay revisions, and new dungeons to explore, amongst loads more.

If you haven’t heard of this, it’s a roguelike in which you battle your way through a variety of dungeons, beating monsters, avoiding traps, and gathering loot.

There’s a cool fog of war mechanic that doesn’t let you see what’s ahead of you in dungeons until you’re right in front of it. That means that monsters and traps can creep up on you if you’re not careful.

Sword of Fargoal will launch in early access next week on iOS, with a full launch hopefully coming soon. We’ll keep you posted.