the image shows my avatar stood within the first weapons store of the game where swords are adorned to the wall behind her

The BEST Swordburst 3 Weapons Tier list – February 2024

My Swordburst 3 Weapons Tier List ranks each of the blades you can obtain in their absolute bare state before upgrades. If you want to know how good your current set-up is or find out what’s better than your current gear, then my tier is for you!

Swordburst 3 is bursting with fun (aha!). This title brings some of the most stunning graphics to Roblox that you’ve ever seen. Smooth fight animations, bosses, mounts, loot, all with friends! This RPG has you take on floors of enemies and bosses with strong upgrades as the reward.

Go check out Swordburst 3 over on Roblox. If you’re after more Roblox tiers check out my Second Piece Spec Tier List which ranks all the very non-One Piece lore-accurate abilities you can obtain and fight with!

Swordburst 3 Weapons Tier List

Alright so you know the drill (If you have been here before that is) that my tier lists are subjective! Each to their own in other terms. My playstyle will certainly differ from yours and as this is a list I’ve created it’s based entirely on my personal opinion which you may disagree with (which is OK!). I do hope my tier list was at least a little helpful in choosing your best-suited weapon though!


OP! These weapons shred mobs like butter. Well, you don’t shred butter but you get what iI’m saying. They do high DMG, are versatile, and thrive on upgrades which only amplify their basic attack and special attacks.

  • Demon’s Demise
  • Infernal Claymore
  • Divine Inferno
  • Stinger
  • Royal Edge
  • Infernal Edge
  • Jade Blade


A little less than the best. Chances are you’ll run into a few of these before you ever get your first S-Tier (unless you’re very lucky!). These weapons are still excellent choices to use in battle, so don’t sleep on them!

  • Steel Katana
  • Molten Katana
  • Velarian Longsword
  • Cobalt Edge
  • Jagged Edge
  • Holy Longsword
  • Cobalt Fang
  • Mithril Longsword
  • Crimson Fury
  • Corrupted Justice
  • Viridian Vanquisher
  • Mystic Greatsword
  • Sirius
  • Sun Blade


Sliding down into the average, mid, eh tier. These lacklustre weapons are smack bang in the middle. They’re not good or bad. I recommend these weapons to early-game players who are building an inventory of better blades.

  • Shell Blade
  • Master Katana
  • Scorched Katana
  • Grand Claymore
  • Cobalt Destroyer
  • Twilight Greatsword
  • Justifier
  • Petal Longsword
  • Galliard Longsword
  • Jeweled Longsword
  • Noble Cavalier
  • Prisma Prism
  • Tidal Wave
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Hogsplitter


Into the weaker tiers, weapons in this category are very early-game friendly. They can’t face off against later-game mobs and hardly put up their own against mobs of similar calibre. I wouldn’t settle for these.

  • Royal Blade
  • Oracle
  • Rosebite
  • Amethyst Longsword
  • Amethyst Greatsword
  • Leaf’s Edge
  • Mega Slab
  • Root Reaper


Very basic weapons and quite dull. You’ll want to move on from these noobish weapons asap!

  • Iron Longsword
  • Steel Greatsword
  • Bronze Blade
  • Bronze Greatsword
  • Forged Greatsword
  • Skyprince
  • Blade of Grass
  • Advocate