‘Table Zombies – Augmented Reality Game’ Shambles onto Google Play and Kickstarter


In a time where a viral outbreak has caused a massive zombie epidemic to spread across the world, only you can keep your desktop free from being overrun by the rotting undead hordes. Thus goes the setup to the latest “Augmented Reality” game project by SRG United Solutions, a small team of creative people collaborating with each other in Australia and India. In Table Zombies your control a sniper — situated in a helicopter — whom is trying to protect a safe house, with the plan being to land and rescue everyone after all of the threats have first been eliminated.

e0e1558dc102186af5dfb450ffa2ab96_largeThe game — of which Android users can currently peruse for free over at Google Play — involves players aiming their mobile device down at a special AR Target placed upon their tabletop, which then causes the safe house’s image to be displayed on top of it. Players can then change their viewpoint of the zombie survival action by either walking around the AR Target, or even by manually rotating the target item themselves with a free hand. Players can even open fire on the zombies down below — with their aim being controlled by physically moving their mobile device — simply by touching the screen, and the game furthermore promises to have a massive selection of weapons to choose from.

While they’ve already made massive progress on the project — with five different playable locations currently available — the people over at SRG United Solutions still have big plans for Table Zombies, planning to add an extra four environments and seven new zombie types. To this end they have recently turned towards Kickstarter in order to raise an additional $1,500 (AUD) in development funds, of which they’ve already secured a whopping grand total of $2,474 (AUD). With their target goal already nearly more than double funded, and a colossal 30 whole days still remaining on the Kickstarter, it would seem that the future of Table Zombies is now safely secured.

If this unique “Augmented Reality” driven base defense title has piqued your interest, then you should be happy to hear that you can secure your own copy of the final release — at half off the intended retail price — via a pledge of just one dollar. Meanwhile, even more generous backers can earn exclusive rewards such as: official Table Zombies t-shirts and hoodies, the chance to appear in the game as a zombie, or even the opportunity to have where you live turned into an all new gameplay location. Those interested in backing Table Zombies at any level should be sure to keep in mind that the project’s Kickstarter is currently set to end on March 24th, after which point the zombie horde will be unleashed.