‘Tail Tap’ Successfully Gathers Funding on Kickstarter, Launches next Month for iOS


It’s vitally important that Dee Squrl — whom also happens to be a squirrel — manages to collect enough nuts before winter arrives, but the problem is that he’s deathly afraid of heights! However — fear not — for the ever resourceful Dee has figured out a way to collect nuts without ever climbing up any trees: he’ll simply use his mighty tail to launch acorns up at the trees, and then afterwards quickly grab all of the valuable nuts as they fall down. He’ll then have to be extra sure to catch his primary tree-smacking acorn when it falls back down, since — for reasons not fully understood — Dee will meet with utter failure if he should happen to lose three acorns in a row before he can finishing clearing out a tree.

To better demonstrate their concept — which plays like a mixture of Break-Out spliced with Pinball — the developers have even uploaded a freely available PC and Android demo. This demo obviously must have went over well with Kickstarter’s community of backers, since they afterwards provided Long Drop Games with the funding necessary to launch Tail Tap upon a variety of gaming platforms (including iOS, among others). With cash now in hand, Long Drop Games currently expects to deliver Tail Tap to gamers everywhere sometime this February (which — with winter already here — means that Dee will have to work some serious overtime in order to complete his vital mission).