Feature image for our Taimanin RPG reroll guide. Image shows an anime woman punching someone with orange lights.

Taimanin RPG Reroll Guide

Do you want to know how to perform a Taimanin RPG reroll? This guide has all you need to know about how to reroll in the new Taimanin RPG and what the process actually means.

Taimanin is an intense, anime styled hack-and-slash action RPG. Taimanin has that a classic turn-based RPG combat as well as giving you the chance to practice your commander skills, formations, and ultimates. Make good use of them and be victorious! With a ton of different characters and lots of different items and weapons to collect, this game is sure to keep you on your toes!

For more information about the game, you can check out the Action Taimanin official website. We also have other reroll posts for you to have a look at such as our Brown Dust 2 Reroll Guide – Infinite Roll and our Battle Of Fate Tier List 2023 – & Reroll Guide

What Is Rerolling In Gacha?

Rerolling is a common occurrence in gacha games due to the nature of the banners. Many players opt for a reroll when they aren’t able to obtain their desired character or certain weapons and items – especially if it’s a character who is classed as an S-tier or weapons that are harder to come by.

Steps Before Performing A Reroll

So, you want to reroll, but you’re not quite sure what to do beforehand – it’s quite simple in Taimanin RPG.

  • Install the game
  • Sign in with a guest account or a linked account
  • Play through the prologue/tutorial until you unlock the “gacha” banner at the bottom of the screen

How To Reroll In Taimanin

Once you’ve followed the steps above, it’s really easy. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a banner that is called ‘draw gacha’. Selecting that will allow you to roll. Rolls are random, so you never know what you may get! If you aren’t happy with the item you received, you only have to wait seven minutes before you can reroll again – so luckily you haven’t got long to wait!