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Taimanin RPG Tier List

Are you looking for a Taimanin RPG Tier List? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve ranked the characters in the game so you know who’s the best, and who’s the worst.

Taimanin is an intense, anime styled hack-and-slash action RPG. Taimanin has that a classic turn-based RPG combat as well as giving you the chance to practice your commander skills, formations, and ultimates. Make good use of them and be victorious! With a ton of different characters and lots of different items and weapons to collect, this game is sure to keep you on your toes!

If you want more information, you can check out the Action Taimanin official website. If you are already playing Taimanin, we have a Taimanin RPG Reroll Guide. We also have some other great tier lists you can have a look at, such as our Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom Tier List and our Super Snail Gear Tier List.

Taimanin RPG Tier List

If you’re new to tier lists, let me quickly explain. S tier is the very best, A tier is still really good, so is B tier! C tier is okay, and D tier is the lowest… so not the greatest. In tier lists, try and go for the ones ranked in S, A, and B tiers. Tier lists are just our recommendation though, so if you disagree that’s okay! Feel free to let us know your opinion. Now that’s out of the way, lets rank!

  • S Tier: Gosha, Yuki, Azuma, Leena
  • A Tier: Rin, Felicia, Saika, Murasaki, Sakura, Shiranui
  • B Tier: Kirara
  • C Tier: Rinko, Soushuu,
  • D Tier: Yukikaze, Emily, Tokiko 


As the game is still new, we don’t know too much about the characters yet. All the characters available in the game are not on our list yet – so make sure you keep checking back! We always review tier lists every so often to make sure you stay in the loop.