Tales of Crestoria brings Anime-Style RPG Action to the Palm of Your Hand

Tales of Crestoria is a brand new game in the Tales series. Not only is it brand new, it’s also only available for mobile. You might remember we told you about it a couple of months ago. What can you expect from the experience? Well keep on reading and you’ll find out.

The game features a massive story set in the world of Crestoria. It tells the tale of Kanata and Misella, who are hounded for being transgressors after committing crimes to help each other out. Along the way you’l meet other transgressors and discover more about the world you inhabit.

As well as the new characters the game features classic heroes from other Tales games. You’ll meet them along the way and add them to your team. And on top of all of that, the game looks absolutely stunning. You can check out what we mean in the video we’ve embedded below.

The battles you’re going to be fighting are turn-based, and they’ve been streamlined to make sure they work perfectly on mobile. You’ll be strengthening up your fighters, and adding new equipment to them too.

Tales of Crestoria is out right now for iPhone and iPad and you can download it by clicking here. The game won’t cost you anything, and we reckon if you’re a fan of the series you should definitely be giving it a try.

Are you excited to give Tales of Crestoria a go? Are you worried about how the shift to mobile might change the series? Maybe you’ve got a question about the game you’d like answered? Make sure you let us know in the comments section below.