The image shows a chewaqua tanorian facing off against two capyillas during nighttime on route 2. The background is full of trees and greenery

The BEST Tales Of Tanorio Abilities Tier List – March 2024

Abilities can sometimes carry in battle, so knowing the best from the worst is important. My Tales of Tanorio Abilities Tier List ranks each ability alongside the Tanorian who can learn the ability, so you know who to enlist in your team!

Tales of Tanorio is a Pokemon-esque adventure found right on Roblox. This stunning 3D open-world adventure challenges you to build a winning team of Tanorians. Uncover secrets alongside your partner, find shinies, and legendaries, fight in tournaments and play through the game’s natural story!

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Tales Of Tanorio Abilities Tier List

Not each ability is created equal. And with abilities being unique to Tanorians per species, evolution or region, it’s important to build your team with elite Tanorians with great abilities! Let’s get into the rankings! Don’t forget that tier lists are subjective to the player, so these rankings are made from my playthrough, with a touch of player feedback on top.


OP! These abilities are versatile and a huge benefit to unleash during combat.

  • Vine Snare – Rootrake, Bushrake
  • Stoked – Charcile, Serprince, Ignidall
  • Pollination – Climitten, Rabush
  • Hardy – Bouldog, Chickbin
  • Bubble Bath – Chewaqua, Aquazol, Jespirit
  • Berserk – Growhog


Good, just not the best. These abilities are still ruthless if you’re at their receiving end, but they’re just shy of being the best.

  • Telepathy – Psycalf, Cowsmic
  • Pyromaniac – Bombeetle, Ballisect
  • Poisonous Prickle – Rootrake
  • Hover – Calyght, Dracalya, Termitate
  • Gunpowder – Bombeetle, Ballisect
  • Double Hit – Manxo, Dualram


Average abilities that just about hold their own in battle.

  • Unwavering Determination – Eyaspire, Growhog
  • Oblivious – Doopy, Doopybara, Psycalf
  • Huggable – Citrin, Kitweed
  • Hard Headed – Cementoss, Jespirit, Manxo, Dualram, Stagurai
  • Final Wish – Cornica, Cierica, Copernica
  • Download – Usbee, Wattsp
  • Amplifier – Glamcone


Weaker abilities which struggle to perform well in combat. Offer a few niche uses.

  • Moth To A Flame – Fliridiant
  • Menace – Purrlazy, Terrougar
  • Implanted – Radlil
  • Fruitful Harvest – Doopy, Doopybara


Poor abilities.

  • Featherweight – Dandylion, Notent
  • Composter – Radlil
  • Composite Eyes – Calypillar