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Tales of Tanorio Type Tier List – Who Has The Elemental Advantage?

In a game which forces you to consider elemental advantages, it is important to know which type is the best. My Tales of Tanorio Type Tier List covers just that by ranking each element type from the best to the worst!

Tales of Tanorio is a Pokemon-esque adventure found right on Roblox. This stunning 3D open-world adventure challenges you to build a winning team of Tanorians. Uncover secrets alongside your partner, find shinies, and legendaries, fight in tournaments and play through the game’s natural story!

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Tales of Tanorio Type Tier List

Not all elements have the advantage. Some types have fewer weaknesses in combat than others, which makes them more efficient. This tier is crafted on a lot of research into which elements have more or less weaknesses, however, you still may disagree with the rankings due to the subjective nature of tier lists.


The top types! These elements host more strengths than weaknesses meaning your foe would have to put in some serious planning to have a chance.

  • Light
  • Metal


Good, but not the best. These Tanorian types have some elemental weaknesses which can slow you down, but overall, they’re still very reliable throughout the game.

  • Fire
  • Cosmic
  • Earth
  • Fighting
  • Dark


Average types with balanced odds on whether they can hold their own or not.

  • Gem
  • Normal
  • Electric
  • Fairy
  • Ghost
  • Water
  • Psychic
  • Ice


Weaker types display more weaknesses to other types than strengths but offer some niche uses.

  • Poison
  • Dragon
  • Air
  • Grass


These Tanorian elemental types are asking for trouble. They love being punted around and have a lot of type weaknesses.

  • Bug