Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind Beginner’s Guide: 5 Top Tips and Tricks

Tales of Wind is the latest mobile MMORPG to hit the App Store, and it’s one of the best autoplay MMORPGs so far. With its pretty anime visuals, wealth of team-based content to experience, and a bunch of cute Guardians to collect, there’s plenty here for everyone.

To help you get off to a flying start, we thought we’d put together five tips and tricks we discovered while playing so far. This guide isn’t so much designed for advanced players, but beginners will almost certainly find a few helpful tips within.

Tales of Wind Tips and Tricks:

  • Do all Kingdom content daily: Kingdom content is the highlight of Tales of Wind by a country mile. There’s an absolute ton of stuff to do daily in this menu, earning awesome rewards that will prevent you ever needing to spend a penny, provided you perform them each and every day.
  • Disassemble and reforge gear: Whenever you collect a new piece of gear, check to see if it’s better than anything you currently have equipped. If not, disassemble it to earn handy crafting materials. What are these used for? To reforge equipment. Doing this can increase the power of your equipment so keep hammering reforge to hopefully get a better version of that particular piece.
  • Increase your BR: A lot of content is locked behind a BR limit, so it’s in your best interests to maximise this as quickly as possible. Just by doing the daily Kingdom content you should get plenty of rewards that increase your BR, including new equipment, Guardians, upgrades, and more. We also recommend enhancing everything to boost it all further. Every little helps.
  • Check your inventory for useful items: You’ll regularly pick up useful items that just sit in your inventory gathering dust. It helps every now and then to head into your inventory and see what you’ve got. You’ll get musical boxes you can dance to to earn extra XP, nets that you can use to catch new Guardians, and Tokens that you can spend on increasing the current Age. Tap on stuff to see what it does.
  • Redeem your skills: Did you know you can earn extra skill points by spending your XP? We learned this a lot later in the game than we’d have liked. Simply head on over to the skills section and hit the ‘Redeem’ button to unlock new skill points with XP. You’ll need to redeem around 15 skill points to Promote to a better class.