Talkr Live Lets You Make Your Own Animoji with Real Faces

Imagine seeing Lisa del Giocondo, the model for Leonardo DaVinci’s famous Mona Lisa, animatedly chatting. For every person living before this technologically advanced generation, it would be like looking through a magical telescope into the past. 

Talkr Live is an iOS app that lets you do it for free.

And the fun doesn’t stop at renaissance portraiture. Talkr Live lets you take literally any picture of a face and bring it to life, like some kind of smartphone-using Frankenstein. All you need to do is load an image into the app. Talkr Live does the rest. 

Here’s how it works. First, you load a picture. It can be any kind of picture, as long as it contains a human face. A painting, a photograph, or even a doll will do. You can go for a celebrity nudes , a politician, a friend, a loved-one, or even the dude who just delivered your fast food, as long as he’s cool with it. 

Then you record yourself talking – preferably saying something amusing. Talkr Live automatically identifies the face in the picture, and syncs your facial movements to the picture. It’s a doddle to put your words in the convincingly animated mouth of your chosen subject.

It’s not just the mouth that’s well animated, either. Just check out the trailer. The entire face comes to life, and can be manipulated in all number of ways. You can make your subjects laugh, wink, and more. 

Alas, if you have an iOS device without a depth camera (i.e. anything earlier than iPhone X) you’ll only be able to animate the mouth and eyes. 

But the thing we really like about Talkr Live is the fact that you can animate multiple faces across up to ten different pictures per video. That means you can make whole skits, and then share them privately or on social media, guaranteeing both bantz and lolz. 

You download Talkr Live for free right now on the App Store.