My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever Evolutions Guide: How to Evolve All Tamagotchis by Stage

Just like in the original version of Tamagotchi, when you’d carry around a little device with a cute monster inside, My Tamagotchi Forever is all about taking care of and, more importantly, evolving your Tamagotchis.

Unlike in the original though, you can actually have tons of Tamagotchis here. Things get a bit complicated when you consider that each stage of evolution has different requirements.

Some stages even have different requirements depending on the Tamagotchi you want it to grow into. Fortunately for you though, we’ve prepared this guide to help you pull off every single evolution in the game. Enjoy!

Baby Tamagotchi Evolutions

You have to hatch an egg to get yourself a baby Tamagotchi, but there’s nothing you can do to ensure the baby is a certain Tamagotchi.

It doesn’t really matter though, as you can grow your baby into any Tamagotchi by following the steps we detail later.

These are the three babies you can hatch from an egg:

  • Omututchi
  • Futabtachi
  • Mimifuwatchi

Toddler Tamagotchi Evolutions

Here’s where things get interesting: depending on what you feed your baby, you can grow it into any of the four toddlers.

Overall, the process takes around four hours to complete. Here’s what you have to feed the baby to grow it into its respective toddler:

  • Vegetables: Meganetchi
  • Sweets: Puchitchi
  • Seafood: Mizutamatchi
  • Nothing: Hoshitchi

Teen Tamagotchi Evolutions

You can then feed your toddler certain foods to grow it into a different teen. This one takes a lot longer than the previous stage though, running at a whopping 36 hours.

Here’s what you have to feed your toddler to grow it into its respective teen:

  • Vegetables: Hinatchi
  • Sweets: Eriitchi
  • Seafood: Haretchi
  • Fruit: Nikatchi
  • Meat: Soyofuwatchi
  • Snacks: Mokokotchi

Adult Tamagotchi Evolutions

Adult Tamagotchi evolutions are where things start getting a little complicated, as you have to feed your teen a variety of foods.

Gozarutchi is particularly complicated, as it’s not all about food. We’ll go into more detail regarding this below though.

Overall, this process takes three days to complete, so get cracking. Here’s what you have to do to get each evolution:

  • Seafood and fruit: Chamametchi
  • Fruit, bananas, and veggies: Kikitchi
  • Junk food: Kuchipatchi
  • Meat and fruit: Kuromametchi
  • Sweets and meat: Lovelitchi
  • Seafood and meat: Mametchi
  • Mostly snacks, some fruit: Memetchi
  • Snacks and vegetables: Neliatchi
  • Mostly fruits, some snacks: Sebiretchi
  • Seafood and vegetables: Gozarutchi (it also helps to place the Training Course item in TamaTown and keep your teenager’s energy green.)