‘Target Acquired’ Acquires Kickstarter Funding, Described as ‘Megaman’ Meets ‘Temple Run’

Yura Anders — a Cat Girl police officer hailing from the city of Nekomipolis — was just trying to enjoy a donut one day when disaster struck, leaving her with no choice but to jump on her Jet Bike and take off in pursuit of the evil criminal Cyborg-Mouse: Cammy! Thusly goes the premise to Target Acquired, the latest game from TouchTen Games — the same Indonesian group of developers that created Infinite Sky, Cute Kill, and Ramen Chain — that has been described as a mixture of Megaman meets Temple Run. Furthermore — to enhance the title’s retro-authenticity — the entire App’s soundtrack is even being scored by the renown videogame song designing veteran: Manami Matsumae (best known for her work upon various Megaman titles).

753116ddb86d6d0680109a4b42ca2c56_largeAlthough the game’s currently promised enemy blasting, vehicle riding, boss whacking, power-up grabbing, retro-styled ambiance all seems interesting; one major problem still exists, the fact that the project’s scope is well beyond TouchTen Game’s financial means. It was to this end that they did what many other small development studios have been doing lately, and turned towards Kickstarter with a request for $10,000 in additional resources. Considering that over $12,000 has already been raised — with a whopping sixteen days still remaining — Yura Ander’s chances of catching up with Sammy are currently looking rather good, and yet there’s still much work left to be done.

Currently a donation of just $10 will secure for you early Beta access to Target Acquired — with the Beta test so far expected to begin this January — and this backer package is furthermore equally available to all iOS, PC, Mac, and Android users everywhere. Meanwhile — for those whom donate even more generously to Nekomipolis’ Police Department — TouchTen Game’s expanded rewards include: Manami Matsumae’s soundtrack, T-Shirts, Figurines, the chance to help design a boss, and much more! However — for the most dedicated Cyber-Mouse hunters of them all — a staggering donation of $5,000 will earn you a paid visit to meet everyone at TouchTen Games over in Indonesia, as well as earn you all of the other existing backer rewards as well!

In conclusion: those interested in seeing Target Acquired become fully realized should be sure to chip in their donations before November 27th arrives, or else the nefarious Cammy just might elude officer Yura long enough to enact her latest diabolical scheme!