‘Tasty Tadpoles Toxic Pond’ Update Adds a Ton of New Levels, Achievements & More


Wow, Mark White’s quirky action-puzzler Tasty Tadpoles (our review) just got a whole lot bigger and better! Today’s free update to the game, entitled Toxic Pond, comes packing a ton of fresh content including 25 all new levels, 4 new achievements and 2 new trophies. To celebrate the release of Toxic Pond, Mark has made Tasty Tadpoles half price for a limited time only, meaning you can now pick up this fun little game for only 99¢!

Here’s a choice snippet from today’s press release as well as a new trailer that shows off those ‘toxic pond’ levels in action:

Toxic ooze has been leaking into the ponds making our little tadpole friends go a bit ccCrazy! In this new level pack update to Tasty Tadpoles you’ll need to keep an eye out for the loopy 3 eyed “mutant” tadpoles. Dodge and use the exploding toxic-waste barrels… but be warned, if you get any of that toxic ooze on yourself things might feel a little backwards for a while!