Help Kickstart ‘Teatime Samurai’, a Delightfully Crazy ‘Robotron’-Inspired Twin-Stick Shooter


Inspired on by Robotron 2084, Ben Ehrlich began tinkering on his own time towards making a game where players could move — and shoot — in multiple different directions all at once (or basically a Twin-Stick Shooter as it’s more commonly known). However — although the project began as little more than a Robotron 2084 clone — his game quickly spun-off into something radically different, eventually becoming: Teatime Samurai. Players begin the game by being invited back to their old dojo by their former Sensei — Nashi — whom promptly invites the player to join him for tea upon arriving, all they have to do is hold off an oncoming zombie hoard until the brew is finally ready!

2366229-a5200_robotron2084Although being snookered into zombie-duty would be bad enough on its own, further complicating matters is that it’s night out — for that is when all proper zombies attack — and the player’s only weapon further doubles as their light source. Hurling fireballs at enemies will cause the illumination provided by the lantern to slowly shrink until eventually the player is unable to see anything, thankfully refueling the lantern fixes this. However — not content to merely challenge players with an ammo mechanic — Ben Ehrlich then went on to make a diverse cast of foes with vastly different AIs: zombies, oni (that grab and throw zombies), mages, giant feet (they fall from the sky), and many more!

With Teatime Samurai already estimated to be around 90% finished, there is just one looming problem still plaguing Ben Ehrlich’s dream of releasing his game to iOS users everywhere: developer licensing fees (it costs to be allowed to put programs on iTunes). It was for this reason that he approached Kickstarter with a humble request for just $250, which — with 25 entire days still remaining — has already been fully pledged by a gracious community. Thusly it means that Teatime Samurai — with all of its undead horde blasting action — should soon be coming to an iDevice near you, and yet there’s also still time to get in on the ground floor if you move quickly!

Currently — for a pledge of just $5 — you can not only secure your very own launch day copy of Teatime Samurai for iOS, you’ll even get your name in the credits to let everyone else know that they can personally thank you for helping this reach iTunes. Meanwhile — for those Samurai even more dedicated to upholding teatime during a zombie apocalypse — additional backer rewards include: strategy guides, concept artwork, the official backer poster, the chance to be a boss in the game itself, and much more! However — above all else — those intrigued must be sure to chip in their donations before April 3rd arrives, or else those zombies will do the unthinkable and spill Sensei Nashi’s tea all over the dojo’s wooden floor.