The image shows a young Simon and Boota staring at the viewer with a smile. Simon has his iconic goggles on his head. We cannot see more of the scene other than a clear blue sky with scattered clouds

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Tier List

Are you after a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann tier list? Well look no further! Gurren Lagann is quite the throwback anime, and with a game being added to the franchise tomorrow there is a lot of hype for fans new and old!

The sky is the limit! This faithful entry into the Gurren-verse brings in a variety of game modes to immerse yourself into. Collect Gunmen, plan and strategize, defeat bosses with friends or take to the skies to battle other players. Create your very own team Gurren and revisit some familiar faces.

Burst through the heavens with your drill and can check out Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann on the App Store now! Plus, if you are a fan of tier lists why not check out our Digital Girls Tier List!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Tier List

So let’s drill into the list! Don’t forget, tier lists are entirely subjective, so you may not agree with our list. That said, we pull our tier lists from player feedback, other sources, and personal experience. So, hopefully we came up with a popular consensus!


Simply the best. You’ve hit the jackpot if these guys make it into your team. You’ll find combat and game modes a breeze if you play with these.

  • Kamina
  • Simon (adult)
  • Anti Spiral


YES! We love these guys, and hope that you agree! They’re excellent to have on your team, so don’t sleep on them just because they aren’t S-Tier.

  • Simon
  • Yoko
  • Nia
  • Lordgenome


Nice! These are our averages. Not great but not the worst option. Definitely more suited to beginner game however.

  • Viral
  • Leeron
  • Rossiu
  • Adiane
  • Boota


These units are alright if you’re in the early game stages. But don’t settle for less!

  • Dayakka
  • Kiyoh
  • Kiyal
  • Jorgun and Balinbow
  • Cytomander
  • Leite
  • Thymilph
  • Guinble
  • Guame
  • Kidd


We don’t recommend these units at all. Get grinding for more!

  • Gimmy and Darry
  • Gimmy and Darry (Adult)
  • Zorthy
  • Iraak

When Do We Update Our Tiers?

We try to keep these tier lists as fresh and relevant as possible. So, if an update rolls that changes the power scaling or adds anything new we will be sure to update our rankings so you know what we think! So please check back.

The game is not fully released just yet. So, this list is definitely due to change as soon as it’s out, and we know who is available for teams and where they truly place.