‘Tennis in the Face’ Goes Free to Celebrate the Release of ‘Trouserheart’ on Thursday


10tons Ltd. are making their first foray into third-party game publishing this Thursday with Trouserheart, Dicework Games’ eagerly awaited follow-up to Rimelands: Hammer of Thor. Here at iFanzine, we’ve actually already had a chance to play a pre-release copy of Trouserheart, and – without spoiling anything – I’ll tell you that it’s definitely going to be one of this week’s very best and most popular new releases. (Be sure to check back in a couple of days time for our full review of the game!)

Anyhow, to start the promotional ball rolling for Trouserheart, 10tons have set the price of their hilarious arcade bouncer game Tennis in the Face to free for a limited time only. Tennis in the Face earned a slew of glowing reviews on its original release, especially from GameZebo who called it “a hilariously good time, complete with excellent level design, ridiculous characters, and an almost believable fake energy drink.” Be advised, this free promotion will only run for a “few days,” so you’ll want to download Tennis in the Face asap.

Here’s the official blurb and launch trailer:

This is no Wimbledon, this is Tennis in the Face! Get ready for some hilarious ragdoll-smashing ball-bouncing action!

Help Pete Pagassi to save the city from an evil energy drink corporation Explodz. Knock out creepy clowns, evil riot police and other Explodz-addicted maniacs with a tennis ball in the face. Bounce the ball off walls to reach targets lurking in cover and watch them tumble hilariously. Trigger masterful chain reactions and watch the chaos unfold. Finally enjoy the level finale in slow motion!