Terraforming Mars Gets New DLC, Currently on Sale

In a double whammy of good news the excellent board game adaptation Terraforming Mars from Asmodee Digital has been updated with some sweet new DLC. And it’s also on sale. Yup, that’s definitely a double whammy.

The DLC is called Hellas & Elysium and adds a couple of new maps to the game. They include some interesting new mechanics and challenges that are going to test your terraforming abilities to the utmost.

Hellas features the Hellas Sea and South Pole of Mars, while in Elysium you’re going to be playing around on the opposite side of the planet, figuring out the best way to use the volcanic areas like Olympus Mons.

There are also new Milestones and Awards that are going to make you rethink your strategy and approach the game in fresh new ways. All of which sounds pretty darn excellent. The DLC is available right now and it’ll set you back $3.99.

And in even better news, the base game is also on sale. So right now you can pick up Terraforming Mars for $4.99 instead of the usual $8.99. We’re pretty sure that means you can get both the game and the DLC for slightly less than you’d have paid for just the game a couple of days ago.

If you’d like to take advantage of this excellent deal, you can click here to download Terraforming Mars from the App Store right this second.