Terraria is Finally Getting the Latest Content on iOS After Three Years of Neglect

Terreria used to be a huge competitor for Minecraft on mobile but has been neglected completely for the past three years. Meanwhile, the PC and console versions have received a series of updates providing a wealth of new content.

Fortunately for us though, that content is slowly but surely making its way to mobile, thanks to a massive update that’s currently in alpha testing.

The Terreria team is hard at work updating the mobile version

According to the team, all of the Terraria 1.3 content is ready to go, with a beta phase happening soon to polish the update ready to go.

Update 1.3 launched on PC back in 2015, so it doesn’t quite bring Terreria on mobile on par with the other versions. It’s a start though, with the team working in the background to get it up to date.

We’ll let you know as soon as update 1.3 is available. You can get Terreria right now on the App Store in anticipation of the upcoming update.