Terror Bear – Review

A sticky situation
To my mind the bare necessities of a good puzzle game are as follows: an easily grasped, yet quickly addictive, concept, increasingly difficult problems to solve, strategy and oodles of replayability. It might seem like a lot to ask, but happily Just Nine’s follow-up to their smash hit HellKid delivers on all counts.

To help the titular Terror Bear make good his escape from a maze-like beehive with his tasty loot you must solve some mind-bending puzzles along the way. But this path is beset with all manner of dangers, such as death-traps, swarms of killer drones and the understandably miffed Queen Bee herself.
The game’s well implemented mechanic works much like a sliding tile puzzle, whereby you must manipulate all the cells into the correct position to solve the problem. This is achieved by tapping the screen to rotate the hexagonal wax units. Once you’ve cleared a path, Terror Bear makes a dash for the exit racking up combos and grabbing honey-pots as he goes.
While the first few stages can be quickly cleared, later levels get extremely tricky as the honeycomb grid increases in size, enemies are introduced and power-ups (including a fly-swatter) come into play. And it becomes neccessary to plan a strategy in order to reach an elusive five-star score and escape in the littlest amount of time possible.
There’s a lot of frustrating fun to be had over the course of Terror Bear‘s 47 stages, the game practically oozes originality and will keep you coming back for more thanks to an appealing graphical style, great gameplay and 3 difficulty modes to work your through. Buzzing!
iFanzine Verdict: Fiendish puzzles, addictive gameplay and cute graphics make for a very sweet concoction indeed. Looks like Justnine have another hit on their paws.
Score: 7 out of 10