The 15 Funniest ‘Pokémon GO’ Memes We’ve Found (So Far)

I always knew Pokémon GO was going to be popular, but I had no idea just how popular. Niantic’s AR game has blown up into a bonified worldwide cultural phenomenon over the past couple of weeks. The internet, of course, has responded like it always does whenever something reaches that level of popularity, by ‘memefying’ the heck out of it!

I scoured the interwebs for fun Pokémon GO memes and put together a round-up of my favorites below. Check ’em out and please feel free to add some of your own in the comments section.

1. That infamous “Parker luck” strikes again.qx1jj


2. Dogs just don’t get Pokémon GO…



3. Welcome to the future.PokemonGOMeme_3


4. Run, Forrest, run!



5. How d’ya like your eggs in the morning?