The Four Best Football Games for iOS in 2018

Football is probably one of the most popular sports in the world. It is being played all over the world no matter how rich or poor people are. Football games on mobile phones still haven’t reached the quality of the game on consoles or PCs, but they give you an ability to play them anywhere you are. Here are some of the games you should check out if you like football.

Top Eleven 2018

One of the best football manager games to date has been on top of the charts for a few years now. This game puts you in a role of manager for your own club where you upgrade your club’s roster, stadium and create tactics for the matches. This multiplayer game will test your knowledge of the game as you climb the ladder of your league and eventually going into a higher league. If you love football then you need to try this game out.

Download Top Eleven 2018 on the App Store.

FIFA Soccer

If we are talking about football games then FIFA comes on everyone’s mind. FIFA Soccer is one of the best football games. It features a wide variety of game modes such as Ultimate Team management mode, and some of the shorter ones like Attack mode where you are in charge of an attack against an opposing team, as well as Live Events which feature latest matches and events that are happening in real life. This game also features multiplayer where you are put in the league against other players.

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Score! Hero

This game is a little different than usual football games you find on the market. It puts you in a role of one player and you have to score a goal in over 560 challenging levels. Every level has 3 different challenges for you to complete. In this game, you control your actions by swiping and tapping so the controls are fluid and easy to get used to. This game is also a great game if you want to play something on a coffee break or you want to kill some time off while you are waiting in line. If you like challenge games or want to try something different than a regular football game or football manager this is a great game.

Download Score! Hero on the App Store.

Dream League Soccer 2018

Dream League Soccer 2018 is a classic football game. It has good graphics and simple controls making it a game to easily get into. It features a variety of game modes. You can create, customize and control your own team, as well as build your own stadium. This game also features a multiplayer mode where you put your Dream Team against others. It has a lot more features but it is the best for you to find out on your own.

Download Dream League Soccer 2018 on the App Store.

Football games are one of the most popular sports games on the market. Making a good football game can be very hard, but games listed here left a great impression. Football games, even if they can be put in the same genre, have very different gameplay and it all depends on what you prefer more. Hope you try these games out and have fun playing them.