Help Kickstart a Rather Spiffing Sounding Sequel to ‘The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle’


Despite Bertram Fiddle’s rather impressive efforts — alongside his trusty sidekick — he has thus far failed to capture Geoff the Murder, leaving this “Leading Victorian Explorator” in quite the dreadful predicament (those bills don’t pay themselves, you know). Furthermore — despite Geoff still scurrying freely about Victorian London — many were quite enamored with the previous failed-efforts of Bertram and Gavin, with Jenny LeClue’s creator even stating that he “[couldn’t] wait to see where the story [went] next.” It was for these reasons that Rumpus — a small UK-based team, specializing in Games and Animation — knew that they’d simply have to make another, leading to their recent unveiling of The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Pedicklement.

Sadly — however — despite all the many accolades, which even included winning the award for “Best Narrative” at the Tokyo Indie Fest, there still exists a dire “Predicklement” of sorts facing Rumpus’s entire staff. The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business, which released earlier this year on both Steam and the iTunes App Store, hasn’t yet sold enough copies with which to fund a proper sequel. This was doubly problematic when you consider that Rumpus — in reaction to the first game’s insightful feedback — had desperately hoped to make Bertram’s second outing even bigger and better, furthermore filled with many puzzles of a far “Puzzlier” nature.

As such the group recently turned towards Kickstarter with a request for £25,000 in additional development funds, of which over £7,000 has already been pledged by numerous backers. While that’s certainly a good start, there’s still much work remaining if Bertram and Gavin’s explorations — not to mention the mysterious identity of Geoff — are all to be fully secured within the next twenty-five days. After all, you wouldn’t just simply want to permit that utterly-fiendish Geoff to freely continue enjoying his merry way with the many fair-denizens of Victorian London… would you?

Therefore — should you now find yourself invigorated by Rumpus’s cause — a pledge of just £5 is all that’s needed to secure your very own launch-day copy of Bertram’s second outing (on either PC or iOS, no less). Meanwhile — for those further dedicated to the cause of justice — additional rewards include: receiving both episodes, Bertram stickers, your name in the credits, a special Bertram comic-adventure, a T-Shirt, and much-much more! Finally, should you have an extra £500 laying around — or perhaps even more — then you can even appear as fully-animated NPC in Bertram’s second most-splendiferous investigative outing (you can even help write your own lines, subject to staff approval).