The Art of Sky

The Art Of Sky Is An Upcoming Book On Sky: Children of the Light And Its Stunning Visuals

thatgamecompany is now releasing an art book based on their award-winning game Sky: Children of the Light. Titled ‘The Art of Sky,’ it will give us a peek into the game, its art and visuals. Are you into art and stuff? Then, keep reading to get the full scoop!

What’s It About?

The Art of Sky is going to flaunt all the concept art and behind-the-scenes stuff that went into making the game. It has over 250 pages filled with pieces from more than a dozen studio artists. So, there’s going to be a lot to look at.

Each hardcover is individually numbered and printed on top-notch paper to really show off the awesome images inside. Inside, you’ll find everything, from early designs of Sky characters to sketches of the Aviary. Plus, each section gives you a glimpse into the backstories of the different realms in Sky.

The Art of Sky is available as a fancy deluxe collector’s set over at thatskyshop, and it’s jam-packed with artwork. They haven’t given us an exact release date yet. However, you can pre-order the book for $125 on their official website until April 22nd. You might want to check out the deluxe collector’s set as well!

Ever Played Sky: Children of the Light?

Sky is a social adventure game with pleasant, eye-soothing visuals. The game lets you play as a robed figure, a little kid exploring interconnected systems in the stars. Collect light from various sources to spread warmth and illumination. Use candles to light lanterns or scare off wildlife. If you never tried the game, now’s a good time to give it a go! Head to the App Store and check it out!

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