The Catopia: Rush Closed Beta Starts on November 18th, Here’s How to Apply

“We love action RPGs and we love cats!”

Those are the words of David Son, CEO of developer Supercolony, whose first game is, unsurprisingly, an RPG featuring cats. It’s called Catopia: Rush, and it looks like an instant classic, combining the best qualities of popular titles like Archero and Cat Quest. 

Gameplay-wise, Catopia: Rush sees you adventuring in a fantasy world as you try to beat back the forces of the Dark Lord. That means killing monsters, collecting loot, exploring dungeons, and recruiting kitties to your feline army. 

Each of these kitties is unique, with its own skills, abilities, and personality. You can take a party of seven of them onto the battlefield, balancing their various attributes to create the ultimate fighting force.

There’s a deceptive amount of tactical depth to Catopia: Rush, as you assemble squads containing snipers, casters, tanks, and so on to tackle the monster menace awaiting you in the sprawling gameworld. 

But it’s also ultra-accessible and mobile friendly, thanks to the game’s convenient portrait orientation and one-thumb controls. Movement is handled using a floating joystick, and attacking happens automatically when you lift your thumb off the screen.  

Catopia: Rush boasts a huge variety of collectible cats, all packed with personality and charm. They’re upgradeable, too, allowing you to cultivate your army around your preferred playing style. It looks great too, with a vibrant cartoon aesthetic and clean, crisp visuals. 

You can glimpse the game’s cast of cats and superb presentation in the trailer above. 

Even better than that, you can play Catopia: Rush yourself, well ahead of its launch date, by signing up for the closed beta. Applications are open now, while the beta begins on November the 18th. 

All you need to do is click here to open the form, answer a few questions, and you’re set.