The Chalk Prince and The Dragon Update Now Live for Genshin Impact

Just in time for the holidays, the amazing ARPG Genshin Impact has been updated with a whole bunch of new content. It’s appropriately snowy and features new characters, events, artifact sets and much, much more.

The update is called The Chalk Prince and The Dragon, and coincidentally that’s also the name of the new seasonal event. It sees you investigating a special sword called Festering Desire. Participate in the event and not only can you get the sword, you can get a whole bunch of other goodies from the event shop.

There are two new characters available too – Albedo, a talented young alchemist who appears in the storyline of the new event, a Cryo archer. You’ll be able to find out more about Ganyu in her personal side quest.

The update also features the first addition to the Genshin Impact map. It’s called Dragonspine and it’s a frozen mountain range to the south of Mondstadt. It adds a Sheer Cold because of its frozen nature, which means you need to keep warm whether you’re in combat or exploring.

There’s also a new domain, the Domain of Blessing on the Peak of Vindagnyr and two new artifact sets – Blizzard Strayer and Heart of Depth. Under the skin there are also some tweaks to game stability and some bug fixes too. Basically, there’s an awful lot.

You can download Genshin Impact from the App Store right now by clicking here. It’s free to download, and the new update is free too. And if you haven’t played it yet, we’d really suggest that you give it a go as soon as possible.