The Cheap-Skate’s Guide to Entertainment!

Every now and then we here at iFanzine like to try something different with articles that aren’t reviews, interviews, etc. So today, I’ve decided to let all you readers know about some pretty solid games that are currently free. After all, who doesn’t love to save a buck or two and still have a good time? I know for certain I’m cheap, and here are some awesome freebies that you can currently get for, that’s right, absolutely nothing!

Finger vs. Finger

Kicking (or should I say, flicking! …Actually, no) off our list is the first game featured on iFanzine’s Youtube channel. And though I didn’t really have time to review it, now that it is free, I can easily recommend it to anyone who loves King of Strike-esque games. The game has you flicking your marbles at your opponent’s, in hopes of knocking them off one of many boards with four colorful themes. This is done by an easy sliding interface to find navigate the board, and then after choosing your piece, you simply have to slide your finger back to fire! It comes loaded with a single player campaign has different levels for each difficulty level, hot seat multiplayer, and even online play! Powerups and obstacles further add to the fun.

Not only that, but an awesome soundtrack, smooth controls, easy interface, and addictive gameplay make it a must have! But be warned: it won’t be free forever!

Finger vs. Finger Gameplay

Strike Knight

Strike Knight is a rather simple game created by the ever famous Backflip Studios. It’s a simple to play bowling game where the player flicks the puck to hit the bowling pins (yep, puck, not bowling ball). While flicking, players will have to consider the angle in which they fire the puck, as well as sidelines where the puck can bounce into the pins. This adds some strategy to the game, though it is rather possible simply to find a “sweet spot” and continuously hit strike after strike.

The charm of the game is the knight that constantly makes fun of you as you are playing. This guy really hurts your self confidence, and I often contemplated suicide while being brutally insulted by the mean dark knight. However, the guy isn’t a complete douchebag, for if you play well, he actually does celebrate with you. So all in all, I’d say that the knight is a pretty good guy once you get to know him.

Though the game is simple and only comes with one “level”, so to speak, it has a lot of charm and is definiely worth checking out. Plus+ Achievements slightly extend the games longevity, so that is an added bonus.

Chemical Pixel

Here is one of those gems that will stay free for a long time. Kind of a shame though, because Chemical Pixel is pretty amazing. It seems like any other match three puzzler, but it comes with a twist: you can only swap tiles diagonally. It seems redundant, but it actually makes the game twice as difficult. It took me a while to adjust to the concept, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes rather rewarding.

Players are required to swap tiles diagonally to match three or more tiles horizontally or vertically, creating a thermal reaction. Chains are formed when multiple blocks disappear in succession after the first match is created. On the top of the screen, there is a thermometer that increases 1 degree for each thermal reaction created.  The game has three modes: Temperature, Compounds, and Time Attack. In Temperature, one advances a level by raising the overall temperature to 50 degrees, and in Compounds, the player is required to create  a certain number of matches based on each color. Time Attack is your standard fare. Powerups include hints, time stops, etc. Overall, solid presentation and hectic gameplay make it a must have freebie.

This concludes the first Cheap Skate’s Guide to Entertainment! There are many awesome free games out there, but I’m still happy to name a few that are definitely a cut above the rest.