Featured Image for The Cheese Chase. It features a character from the game holding a big pizza. On the background, there is a road with zebra crossings, some trees and a few buildings.

Deliver Pizzas Faster Than Saying Cheese In This Fun Race 3D Style Game, The Cheese Chase

Ever got pizza delivery within a minute? Whether you have or you haven’t, you ought to race from dough to door in this new cheesy game. The Cheese Chase is a new game by Trefl S.A. that lets you deliver pizza at lightning speed. Read on to know more.

What’s So Cheesy About It?

It’s a 3D strategy game that puts your pizza delivery skills to the test. You need to figure out the shortest routes, avoid any car accidents, escape the hungry (read: greedy) cat and get the pizza at the designated doorstep. The basic level gives you one minute to complete 3 deliveries. Oh, and you also get tips for your deliveries!

The game has three modes based on the number of orders and deliveries. It has around 60 difficulty levels at the basic level and infinite levels in the Endless and Speedrun versions. You can choose any character among Treflik, Gonduś, Wujcio, and Kura. You can also shop for various delivery-efficient items like boosters, speed elements, and obstacles for the cats.

Set in the playful Treflik City, The Cheese Chase is a simple but fun game. This F2P game is now available on iOS, so go ahead and try it out from the App Store.

About Trefl S.A

This is the first 3D game by Trefl S.A who is known for games like Spy Guy. They’ve been in the offline gaming scene since 1985, making puzzles, board games and toys for children. The Cheese Chase is, in fact, inspired by their Trefl Four Cheeses board game. I hope you have a blast while playing The Cheese Chase. After all, isn’t pizza the only circle of trust we need in life? Meanwhile, check out our story on the latest chapter of Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space.