The Container is ‘Guess the Jellybeans’ for the iOS Generation – Daily Contests Incoming

The Container is one of the oldest games on the block, though there’s nothing else like it on mobile.

The concept is timeless, and you’ll no doubt recognise it from childhood trips to the summer fair. In short, you’re presented with a jar of jellybeans and invited to guess how many there are.

Not just jellybeans, of course. Being a smartphone app, The Container is a lot more versatile. It also lets you guess the number of jacks in a glass cube, the number of gold coins in a pot, and dozens of other container/content combinations.

The best thing about the old ‘guess how many jellybeans’ game on a smartphone is that you don’t have to wait ages for the answer. You just guess, reveal the answer, and move on to the next puzzle.

There are other benefits to playing the game on smartphone, too. For instance, you can scroll through a whole gallery of images of the container in question, taking it in from every angle to give you best possible chance of registering an accurate guess.

You can zoom-in, too, and there are three different clues that you can call on to refine your guesswork.

Well jelly

Hi-Lo lets you whittle the possibilities down by establishing that the number of jellybeans, say, is higher or lower than X. Wisdom of the Crowd gives you a crowdsourced guess, and Measure lets you whip out a steel rule and measure the container.

The closer you get to the right answer, the more coins you earn. These coins are for unlocking new puzzles and buying extra hints. If you’re running low, you can always replay an old puzzle to replenish your reserves.

But there’s something missing. Guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar isn’t just about being objectively accurate – it’s about being more accurate than your fellow man.

That’s why developer John Bennardo is introducing a new national contest feature. This will see you and countless other players competing to guess the number of things in a thing. You submit your guess one day and learn the result the next, and if you’re closest you’ll win a prize.

We love this idea.

You can download The Container for free right now on the App Store.