The Devil’s Den Narrative Expansion is now Live for Necrobarista

Necrobarista is one of our favorite games on Apple Arcade. It’s a gorgeous, cinematic visual novel set in a coffee shop in Melbourne. A coffee shop that serves people and ghosts. The story is deep, moving and often hilarious, and it captured our hearts. So you can imagine we’re pretty stoked there’s some more of it.

The most recent update to the game added the Devil’s Den narrative expansion. It’s the second bit of new story that’s landed for Necrobarista since it came out last year, and we think it deserves a good deal of fanfare.

You’ll need to finish the main story of the game if you want to experience the Devil’s Den, but we imagine you’ve already done that. When you’ve polished off the main game, the option to play Devil’s Den will appear when you start a new game.

Even if you’re not a fan of visual novels, Necrobarista is well worth playing. It tells a brilliant story of ghosts, lost and the afterlife, complemented by a brilliant soundtrack and some truly spectacular graphics. We can’t wax lyrical enough about just how good Necrobarista is.

The new update also fixes a borked achievement in the game and speeds up the load times. That was probably our only real complaint about the game in its original form, so it’s definitely worth cheering about.

If you’ve got an Apple Arcade subscription you can click here to download Necrobarista right this second. That’ll get you the Devil’s Den add-on and a bunch of other extra content too. Give it a go, we reckon you’ll be pleasantly surprised.