‘The Enchanted Cave 2’ Successfully Funded


Were you — by any chance — a fan of Dustin Auxier’s initial game, entitled The Enchanted Cave, which garnered a great deal of fanfare from both Flash and mobile based gamers? Players were — in the original — challenged to reach the bottom of a randomly generated dungeon, with their only respite being the Escape Wings that could teleport them safely away (along with all of their pilfered loot). Playing more the role of a thief than a burly warrior, players were challenged to pick and choose their battles — determining the best way to reach each floor’s treasures — so as to safely empower themself across many trips.

Recently — inspired on by the millions of players that the original game attracted — Dustin Auxier unveiled his plans to implement a sequel to The Enchanted Cave, wherein he would utilize the full might of everything he had learned about game design since 2010. The myriad of promised features for The Enchanted Cave 2 included things such as: improved graphics, a soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope, larger randomly generated floors (40×40 instead of 11×11), new ranged combat options, item crafting, and so much more. While the aforementioned additions expand nicely upon what already existed, the largest new element to the formula is definitely the inclusion of a base town — populated by various NPCs — which adds a much needed sense of plot that the original sorely lacked.

However — in order to implement all of these new ideas — Dustin Auxier humbly petitioned Kickstarter for a meager $10,000, of which he’d need to pay the bills whilst he toiled away on his latest masterpiece. His already existent fan base — in reaction to this request — pledged roughly $900 over the required minimum, resulting in The Enchanted Cave 2 becoming completely funded when the Kickstarter recently ended a few days ago. With all of the sequel’s necessary development funds now secured, Dustin Auxier aims to have The Enchanted Cave 2 ready for mobile devices everywhere sometime around this upcoming November (with a Flash based edition set to arrive sometime after that).