The End of the World is a Thing of Beauty in this New Trailer for Upcoming FPS ‘The Drowning’!


Here’s hoping the Mayans weren’t right about that whole end-of-the-world-thing, if for no other reason than there are some mighty fine looking iOS games to look forward to in 2013! And they don’t get much more attention-grabbing than Scattered Entertainment‘s The Drowning a hugely ambitious “console-quality” first-person shooter set against the backdrop of a world ravaged by an unexplained eco-disaster and the outbreak of a mysterious mutative disease.

There’s a really creepy, foreboding feel to the reveal trailer for The Drowning, which splices grainy news footage of oil spills together with brief flashes of stunning in-game action, while the press release we received earlier today hints at an expansive selection of weaponry and a rather unique-sounding control scheme:

The_Drowning_Screenshot_WEB_ONLY_02The Drowning is being developed by industry and free-to-play veteran Ben Cousins and his team at Scattered Entertainment, a DeNA studio in Stockholm, Sweden. The revolutionary first-person shooter allows players full control of the experience with just two fingers as they journey through the eyes of one of the few survivors of a mysterious global catastrophe. Fighting for survival in a world where unexplained oil spills have transformed millions into soulless creatures, players craft and upgrade a powerful and unique arsenal of weapons as they work together and alone to explore, survive and dominate.

ETA: The Drowning is set to hit iOS devices in early 2013, and for better or worse, will be a free-to-play title. In the interim, you can find out more by visiting the game’s newly-launched website and Facebook fan-page.