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The First Descendant Tier List – Characters and Classes (September 2023)

Wondering who the best Descendant is? Our The First Descendant tier list can help you decide who to unlock in the game!

Step onto the battlefield in this action-packed third-person shooter RPG! As you explore the map, you’ll need to pick up tons of loot that can be used in your character builds and to unlock brand-new Descendants. With plenty of characters to experiment with and an immersive story to play through, there’s tons of fun to be had with The First Descendant!

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The First Descendant Tier List (2023)

It’s important to remember that tier lists are entirely subjective! However, we have extensively researched the general consensus, as well as our own experience with the game, to produce this tier list.

  • S-Tier: Sharen, Ajax
  • A-Tier: Jayber, Gley, Bunny
  • B-Tier: Freyna
  • C-Tier: Blair, Viessa
  • D-Tier: Lepic

The First Descendant Character List

  • Sharen
  • Ajax
  • Jayber
  • Gley
  • Bunny
  • Freyna
  • Blair
  • Viessa
  • Lepic

What Each Tier Means

Now that you’ve taken a look at where we’ve ranked each character, let’s provide a bit of context for each tier!

S Tier

These characters are the best to use in the game at the moment! They’re the strongest in terms of abilities, passives, and damage.

A Tier

If you haven’t unlocked a character in S tier yet, you’ll still have a great time in the game with characters in A tier! They’re almost as strong as those in S tier.

B Tier

Pretty average characters that should probably be swapped out as soon as you unlock an A tier or S tier character. However, there’s no shame in using a character in B tier – especially if you’re new to the game!

C Tier

These characters aren’t exactly worth using, and should definitely be swapped out as soon as possible – they’re quite weak.

D Tier

It’s best to avoid characters in D tier altogether.

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