The First Teaser Trailer for ‘Unlonely’ Is Here

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s tantalizing glimpse at Unlonely’s iFanzine-themed levels, Nik Mihaylov has just unveiled the first trailer for the game. And like everything else that’s been revealed of Unlonely so far, it’s incredibly well put together and visually stunning.

The teaser doesn’t feature any gameplay footage, but it does do a great job of setting the tone for what’s to come. In it, we’re treated to the gorgeous image of a giant monochromatic planet swirling slowly through space, while the names of the six sites involved in the game appear on screen, and dramatic, spacey music booms in the background. It’s wonderfully cinematic, and I don’t mind admitting that I got chills at the point when ‘IFANZINE’ is emblazoned across the screen in big, bold lettering.

But that’s enough from me, you should really check it out for yourselves:

Unlonely will be available on the App Store sometime later this year. While you wait for it to arrive I recommend you pass the time by playing its predecessor, Lonely Sun. You’ll find a link below.

Download Lonely Sun on the App Store.