The ‘Fist of Awesome’ Expected to Pummel Your iOS Devices This March!

Fist of Awesome PosterNicoll Hunt – creator of previous iOS hit: Hard Lines – found a problem with the fact that side-scrolling beat’em-ups on iOS devices tended to be hindered by their touch screen controls rather than made more fluid by them, he also found that far too few of them starred bearded lumberjacks travelling through time in order to punch evil talking bears in the mouth. However, Nicoll Hunt – being a man of bearded virtue – sought to right all of these most grievous wrongs when he recently created a Kickstarter to fund a project known as Fist of Awesome. Realizing the inherent importance of this opportunity, the Internet responded by successfully funding the project for more than double that of what Nicoll Hunt had humbly asked for!

Due to the massive success of the Kickstarter, this adventure of pixelated pugilism will be rushing to all of our iOS devices roughly sometime around this March if the evil time travelling bears don’t interfere (and then PC/Mac sometime later on in July). Nicoll Hunt has promised that the adventure will contain a variety of locations, evil talking animals to beat up, moves with which to beat them up with, epic nostalgic chip-tune style music, retro pixelated graphics, and completely wonky humor, all of which will make this what he claims to be “The Greatest Sidescrolling Beat’em Up Staring a Bearded Lumberjack With a Talking Possessed Fist” ever made! So it looks like everyone out there who was disappointed with how ports of games such as X-Men, Double Dragon, Final Fight and Streets of Rage 2 were handled now finally have a worthy iOS beat’em up to look forward to.