The Game’s Afoot…on iPad

Warner Bros have just released an iPad version of their critically acclaimed puzzle-cum-adventure game, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries. Based on the movie starring Robert Downey Jr as the charismatic super-sleuth, the blend of bone-crunching fisticuffs, brain-teasing problem solving and gritty 19th Century London setting should work incredibly well on Apple’s latest and greatest iDevice. If you were lucky enough to pick up an iPad over the weekend (or even if you’re just curious), check out the press release, screenshots and gameplay video, which offer some tantalizing clues as to how this new and improved Holmes will play.

In Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPad, players follow clues through the gritty side of the 1890’s Victorian London where, along with Dr. Watson, Sherlock uses his keen wit and winning charm to prove a man is innocent of murder. Leveraging the powerful platform of the Apple iPad and its 1024×768 screen resolution, players will be treated to breathtaking graphics through 11 immersive 3-D environments as they work to solve the case.
Features for Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPad include:
  • Puzzle Boxing Tournament – Exclusive for the iPad, Sherlock must use his wit and mental acuity, by finding and exploiting his opponents’ weaknesses to neutralize the threat. Knuckle through a tournament of 12 unique characters using the iPad’s multi-touch functionality 
  • Auto-Flip and Rotate Support – Flip or rotate the iPad to play from any angle
  •   Full Screen Resolution for a High-def 3-D experience 
  • Increased Texture Resolution for the characters and environments 
  •   Redesigned UI takes advantage of the larger iPad screen 
  • As players gather evidence within the game, they gain crucial information through compelling and insightful mini-games. 
  • Insights – Find hidden clues using Sherlock’s keen Insight, and put them together in Sherlock’s virtual mind to unravel the mystery  
  •    Lock Picking – Find the perfect path through a lock’s inner workings to lift each of the tumblers, and gain access to the secrets within 
  • Foot Chase – Wind a way through London’s streets in pursuit of justice.  Outmaneuver the culprits and emerge victorious!